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Rowan Cottage

Cutcombe, Exmoor

The Brief:


The Client obtained planning permission under the 'Local Needs' banner which is designed for people who live and work locally, in an area renowned for being dominated by second-home owners. It stipulates that the building can be no larger than 90m2. The house itself is a genuine and fine example of the often mis-used  label 'Eco-House'. It is an 'arrowhead' shaped timber framed building.


The Works:



This was one of our most interesting and exciting projects, not least because we used a compass as a starting point, as our client had specifically requested a view of Dunkery Beacon from the centre of their sitting room!


The house is constructed using a twin-wall timber-frame filled with recycled newspaper insulation. The roof slates are made from recycled car tyres, external walls are clad with Western red cedar and the impressive porch features an oak frame, glazed side panels and a striking copper roof.


The heating system is completely carbon-free, combining two solar thermal panels, a wood-burning stove with a back-boiler, an extremely large and well-insulated thermal store and under-floor heating. The house also has a rainwater harvesting system that provides water for the lavatories and washing machine and utilises a sewage treatment plant.


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