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Prospect Cottage

Baltonsborough, Somerset

The Brief:


To renovate a small stone cottage in the heart of the village, adding a sizeable extension to the side of the property and a smaller extension to the rear.


The Works:



The existing cottage was in a state of disrepair and needed to be completely gutted. We took down the gable end of the cottage, in doing so providing enough stone to build the two extensions. This was key in making the extension appear so 'in keeping' with the original cottage. The whole house was re-roofed using reclaimed clay double roof-tiles. The stonework was repointed using ready-mixed lime mortar from Limebase Products in Somerset and a small area of larch cladding was fitted to the gable of the rear extension, introducing a contemporary feel to what is otherwise a very traditional Somerset cottage.  


The Architect:


Orme Architecture






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