Castle Hill Lane

Mere, Wiltshire

The Brief:


To build a contemporary 'eco-house' on a site formally owned by the Duchy of Cornwall which lies at the foot of an ancient scheduled monument. Given the historical nature of the location, it was imperative that the building blend in with the surrounding environment.


The Works:



The house is constructed using a twin stud timber frame system and is insulated using recycled newspaper. It is clad with larch and a feature is the large windows and glazing panels from 'Windows of Wood'.


A sedum roof blends seamlessly with the surrounding ground, making the house barely visible when viewed from the Castle Hill.


The bedrooms and private spaces are linked by a central open plan living space which captures views to the south over the rooftops of the town.


The house was awarded Best New Build in the 2013 Salisbury Civic Society Building Awards Scheme.


The Architect:


Orme Architecture




© Thomas and Thomas 2015

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